Masonic Home of Missouri

Financial Education

This program offers financial education and counseling services to Missouri Masons, Eastern Star members, and their family members through individual consultations and group presentations.

Our Accredited Financial Counselor can help you address financial concerns or help you prepare for expected expenses or transitions.

In Fiscal Year 2019, the Masonic Home provided financial counseling to 66 cases.

One-on-One Counseling

The majority of the clients in this program receive regular, one-on-one counseling with the Masonic Home’s Accredited Financial Counselor.

We tailor topics and support to the financial needs of each client. These might include:

Prioritizing expenses
Debt management
Adjusting to changing income or expenses
Setting financial goals

Group Presentations

Our Accredited Financial Counselor also provides educational group presentations on many financial topics.

These free presentations are an excellent resource for your local Lodge and Chapter members, Masonic widows, and Masonic youth organizations, as well as local youth and community members.

There are no age and length of member­ship guidelines to take part in this program.

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“You were there when emergencies arose, such as when dental work was needed, and so much more. The visits from case managers and staff were welcomed interactions that helped to make my parents feel valued and connected to something larger, which was so important to them as their world grew smaller.

King Family