Masonic Home of Missouri

Children’s Outreach

The Children’s Outreach program provides financial assistance to legal dependents of Missouri Masons or Missouri female members of the Order of the Eastern Star.

This program alleviates the financial strain on parents who may have health insurance, but are struggling to afford co-payments and other medical expenses not covered by insurance.

In Fiscal Year 2020, the Masonic Home provided $15,793 through the Children’s Outreach Program. We know there are many other children out there who need our help!

Examples of qualified expenses include:

Medical care
Dental care
Vision care
Medical equipment


The parent or legal guardian only needs two years of Missouri Masonic membership prior to application to qualify. Legal de­pendents must be 21 years of age or younger or over the age of 21 with a physical or mental disability.

The parents or legal guardians of the child must complete an application to demonstrate a financial need.

Apply Today:

Call: 800-434-9804 and speak to a Financial Assistance Caseworker


Mail/Fax: Download the initial application and mail or fax it to us at 573-814-4660.

Or contact us today.

“I’m so proud of my Masonic affiliation and the help I receive. My first husband was a Mason, my second husband was a Mason and that’s the only way I would have it. They were such good men. My sons were in DeMolay and I was in the Order of the Eastern Star. I wish more people knew about the Masonic Home of Missouri and how much help they have given me.”

Betty Couture